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SAGAR SHAKTI SHIPPING is licensed to perform commercial underwater work and diving services including underwater hull/propeller cleaning, ship repair, ship maintenance, water surveys and salvage operations. SAGAR SHAKTI’s main objectives as a diving service provider in Sri Lanka; Safety, responsible partnership with the environment and customer satisfaction are present in all areas of activity. One of the most effective ways to improve overall fuel economy is to drive regularly. Based cleaning program for hull and propeller. SAGAR SHAKTI provides full comprehensive service under watercraft maintenance service. Our experienced water engineers and dive inspectors understand the complexity of such work and take up the challenge of undertaking innovative tasks as part of the Sagar Shakti team. Each service we provide includes a detailed report with before and after photos and videos of the work performed.


We provide

  • Underwater Hull Cleaning

Hull cleaning can be done in a few hours thanks to our innovative hydraulic brush carts, and a job can be completed in 8 hours during the day (depending on the size of the ship). Hull cleaning includes cleaning the flat bottom, vertical sides, sea chest nets and rudder.

  • Polishing Of Underwater Propellers

Propeller polishing is an increasingly demanding operation for Sagar Shakti in today’s fuel efficiency conscious climate. Careful monitoring of ship performance has shown that 10-20% energy savings can be achieved after propeller cleaning and polishing. After underwater polishing, a saving of 3-8% of bunker consumption can realistically be expected.

We have continuously developed various innovative procedures and equipment to carry out a wide range of underwater repair operations on ships, and our expertise in underwater engineering and repair combined with expert diving services can provide our company with flexible and cost-effective solutions. Our customers.

  • Hull Cleaning And Under Water Services
  • Hull Cleaning And Under Water Services
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Frequently Asked Questions

Visas are available on arrival, for any nationality provided, port agents ensure. SAGAR SHAKTI will send shipping confirmation letters and Ok To Board

  • About 32 km from Colombo Commercial Port / Colombo International Airport (via Katunayake – Colombo Expressway) / Driving time 35 minutes
  • Galle Sea Port / Approx 152 KM (via Southern Expressway) / Driving Time 2 Hours 30 Minutes
  • 243 km via Trincomalee Sea Port / Ambepussa Kurunegala – Trincomalee Expressway / Driving time 5 hours 15 minutes
  • Hambantota MRMR Port / 257 km (via Southern Expressway) / Driving time 4 hours 15 minutes.

Yes and all necessary services can be arranged.

Yes and all types of bunker series can be supplied by shore-based multiples, bunker barges, and tanker trucks.



We have separate departments to entertain all kinds of shipping-related services.



Our supply department is well set to entertain all kinds of husbandry requirements.

24 / 7 SUPPORT

24 / 7 SUPPORT

Our 24 x 7 Communication team acts promptly on all requests in order to deliver standard, safe and quality service.